Christian Tract: Understanding Christian Apologetics

Understanding Christian Apologetics

What is Christian apologetics?

Apologetics is the discipline of explaining and supporting Christian teachings, especially in response to non-Christians and critics. Contrary to what some people think, it does not involve apologizing for our faith; rather, it is about supporting our faith.

How does one go about supporting faith? Isn't faith just faith? Isn't it “the evidence of things that are not visible?

Biblical faith is putting one's trust in something that one finds trustworthy. This does not mean only something for which there is no evidence, but rather faith goes beyond simple evidence. The evidence need not, and usually does not provide an absolute and complete answer or absolute proof.

Are there different approaches to apologetics among Christians? If so, what are they?

There are two major approaches to providing logical support for the Christian faith. These are presuppositional apologetics and evidentiary apologetics. It is quite common for a Christian lay person to use a combination of both.

Presuppositional apologetics looks basically at our world-view, and how we build a logical set of doctrines from that. They regard Christianity as a well-supported world-view because based on Christian presuppositions you can build a logical, non-contradictory system of beliefs.

Evidentiary apologetics looks for external evidence for Christian history and Christian beliefs. They would regard the best system of belief to be one best supported by the evidence.

Both would generally acknowledge that there is evidence, and that we all have some presuppositions when we start thinking. In practice it is often more a question of emphasis.

I'm not an expert in theology. How can I be prepared to defend my faith?

All Christians are called to be witness (1 Peter 3:15), and to be prepared to defend their faith, but not all Christians are call to be experts in everything. Here are some practical suggestions.

What are the essential beliefs of Christianity?

The following is from Consider Christianity, Volume 2: Evidence for the Christian Faith (ISBN 1-893729-30-3, Energion Publications, 2005) There are basically four beliefs that have defined Christianity as a religion for nearly 2000 years. From these four beliefs come all of the other teachings and beliefs of Christianity. These beliefs can be briefly summarized as follows:

Where can I find more information to help me understand and support my faith?



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